What people have said

Rob Morris Jenkins
26 Sep 2014

John my congratulations on a wonderful result. It feels good to have you and the party in that position hopefully without so many obstacles from the negative and destructive minority. After a good 3 years it is comforting that you now have the power to do the job you intend to do without so much interference and resistance.Thanks for your past efforts and all the best for the times ahead. KIND REGARDS- RobMJ

24 Sep 2014

Dear John Key I know you probably wont get this, and if you do... will possibly ignore it. Firstly, congrats on making it another three years as prime minister. BUT I want to lay out a challenge for you. I challenge you to pack up your stuff from the beehive or whatever flash mansion you live in and come kick it with the poor people around NZ for one month. Step inside the shoes of those who are struggling to survive the week. Come shake the hands of those who really need your help, of those who are basically living off of the scraps from society's left overs. Lets see how far you get living on minimum wage, going broke before your next pay day, skipping possibly three days and nights with no food. I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone. Visit our children in the hospitals, visit the families of those living in a three bedroom house with a family of 14 to cater for, yet working two or three jobs and STILL cannot afford to pay for their power or buy their 6 month old babies milk formula. As OUR Prime Minister and as the leader of this country, I challenge you to listen to the stories of my people. We need guidance, we need someone to rely on, we need someone who will listen to us too, someone who will speak on our behalf. We have a need to survive just like you do. We have a voice, and though it may be small and fragile, I can promise that we have a lot to offer to this country too. And don't get me wrong, there are a lot that we also need to work on. Therefore, help us find stable ground on the soil rotting beneath our feet. Meet us halfway. Give us a chance. Sincerely, Those who have been forced to place their trust in you. Amen.

janet Honey
21 Sep 2014

I am so very proud of you as our leader and look forward to another 3 years of logical politics.

Lyne Tautuhi
14 Sep 2014

You are the best Prime Minister this country has ever had and I admire your courage getting through the worst election ever in the history of this country. Kia Kaha you have my vote

Christine Hunter
26 Aug 2014

Mr John Key, I have nothing but faith in you running the country there is no opposition only people who want to split the vote. I think you are down to earth and someone who has had to work to where you are. I'm so-happy with you running NZ and I wouldn't want it any other way. I am with you all the way... Cheers Christine Hunter (CHCH)

kay brennan
09 Jul 2014

RE CARE WORKERS Dear Mr Key, I would understand if I was being paid almost minimal wage for a menial job, but my duties as a caregiver is taking full responsibility for a human being. I take my job very seriously and know that the families of my patients are very grateful for the 24/7 care that their loved ones receive. I feel undervalued and would appreciate your serious consideration in raising mine and my fellow carers' hourly rate to a something that doesn't just undervalue us workers but also the elderly we care for. Does a low wage for us mean our job caring for them is less important? Give us a fair go!

Joy Terris
04 Jul 2014


Dear John Key, I am a community carer, and have been for many years. I have done all the courses that are available for the education of carers and am qualified as a high needs, dementia and palliative care caregiver. My hourly rate of pay is slightly higher than the minimum hourly rate. I believe i give top rate care for low rate pay. Why? Because i care about my clients and i believe in helping others. Maybe you could come on my rounds with me one day to see firsthand just what we do. I am sure it would be an eye opener to you, and it would make my clients feel as though they matter. Thankyou. Joy Terris

Hilary Christensen
04 Jul 2014


My 88 year old mother has lived in a rest home for the past year, she fell and broke her hip and wrist in the home, her care and after care has been fantastic. These woman are understaffed and underpaid, they go up and beyond just caring, showering, toileting, cleaning, laundry, feeding, changing, the list goes on. Please let these workers have a decent pay rise. I can hardly care for my mother when she comes to my house for a few hours, and she isn't in as much need of some of the people in the home. These people are saints as far as I am concerned.

Ann Wallace
27 May 2014

I have brought up a daughter with Prader Willi for 18yrs, had to put her into care as I couldn't handle her anymore, by then marriage had broken up, and I had two other children who were missing out because of their sister's demands. Prader Willi children were supposed to not be able to have babies, well, mine did. And here am I again bringing up another special needs child from birth (she is 10yrs old, I am 66). All I ask is would it be at all possible for my husband and I to have say three weeks' holiday per year as other paid workers do, and the child taken care of in our own home by a paid carer. This is a 24/7 job, we are grateful for the pension, but have very little for ourselves and no social life. My hopes and dreams to travel when retired have gone.

Alex Howie
30 Apr 2014

Please invest in our carers - they need support as well as the people they care for.