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kendra churchward
27 Jan 2014

Come on John Key, regarding the Oz kiwi Campaign you need to get on board and help this situation rather than work against it. Otherwise I can just see it backfiring and the anger it will cause so many people. I can see your position becoming fragile and less powerful if you don’t help kiwis campaigning for equal rights in Australia. Somebody has to swallow their pride and help why can’t this person be you. Stand up for kiwis living in Australia and do the right thing because at the moment kiwis feel the Australian government and the NZ government have no idea what they are doing. Do the right thing John Key.

Janet Dwyer
20 Dec 2013

Dear John, oh how I hate to write........ My heart is heavy, my load is huge, when do you think carers will get their dues? We've work so hard for too long, without reward or support, it’s wrong, we are no better or worse than anyone else. But how is it, criminals get service top shelf, personally I think it’s a massive crime, things need to change and it’s about time. Care for our love ones, who need us most, is essential like butter on crusty toast, for our loved ones we go the extra mile just to make them happy and feel worthwhile. And so John my letter ends, please help and make amends.

Geoff Keall
20 Nov 2013

Dear Prime Minister, the Rt Hon. John Key. The Government of NZ lost the long running court battle for fair and reasonable treatment and recognition of the work family carers contribute to the New Zealand economy. Rather than risk further embarrassment in the courts the Government rightfully chose to accept the courts findings while behind the scenes cynically strategising to create policy that limited the effect of the court decision to a few. This decision to massage the offending law to suit its own ends is condescending to all family carers and arrogant in its message. A government that raises its finger to those who are most vulnerable to bad outcomes while supporting ad-hoc measures to protect private assets from self-inflicted bad financial bets with tax payers’ money is no longer committed to democracy for all. Regards Geoff Keall, Family Carer

Trish Seaton
12 Nov 2013

I find it appalling that your family carers’ bill has been passed as law. It is a despicable piece of legislation which turns already vulnerable persons into employers and therefore responsible for employees. Even though they may not have the skills to deal with such a situation.

Sharon de Haas
12 Nov 2013

Would you Mr Key, look after both of your parents 24/7 for a measly $281 a week? My mother is hospital level care, so is high needs. Let’s swap wages and responsibilities for 3 months and see if you still feel the same.

12 Nov 2013

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Sushila Butt
31 Oct 2013

Funded Family Care is just like a fancy name for us where family members who do the job won’t benefit. We have two adult disabled children, NASC told us that both our children are eligible for Funded Family Care but there is no increase in the allocation of service coordination. They told us if we want to get paid we need to take it out from the current allocation which we disagree with as we heard on TV, Radio and read it in the newspaper and on internet article that Mr Ryall said that FFC will cost taxpayers $23 million. So the problem is if the current allocation for service coordination doesn't increase for me or other disabled people then where this $23 million going to? I asked the Minister’s office, his secretary didn't want to discuss it and she told us to go to the Ministry of Health. When we approached the Director General’s office which is the head of MOH, his secretary didn’t know where the funding is going to and told me to ask NASC. This is frustrating. NASC doesn't know as we feel the Minister should know. As a prime minister of NZ can you please tell me where this funding of $23 million is going?

Rosemary McDonald
13 Oct 2013

Dear Mr Key, tell me, please, why your government considers murderers, rapists and child sex offenders to be more worthy of consideration than non - ACC disabled?  You are more than happy to fund $90,000 per year each for the care of these miscreants, and they retain their right to seek judicial review on the issues that affect them.

Maria van Kuyk
11 Oct 2013

Please Mr Key why not be the key to better support and reward for those caring for elderly, ill, frail or disabled family members or friends. Maybe you could visit someone in that position and experience first-hand what it is like to be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, for peanuts.

lillian jarrett
11 Oct 2013

We need great support and sincere decision making for carers which is equal and fair.